Saturday, December 29, 2012


Lots of cool things this Fall.....

My first car show

Nice treads..

Spending time with family for the High Holidays

Me and Grampa David

Can't wait for Temple

Hayrides and Pumpkin-picking

Where are we going?

Playing with Kayden

This could be the one!


How much for the whole lot?

Loved the corn pit

Everything important happens around the kitchen table

Gave Daddy plenty of help raking at home


I like the two-rake technique

Parties!  Papa's Birthday

Nice cake!

And Oktoberfest..Mike is funny!

John and Anna came to visit

Can we do this every weekend?

Scott and Ray

Hanging with my friends

Museums and playgrounds

Then Hurricane Sandy this happens every year?

Better suit up and check out the damage

Don't worry Ramon, I'll help pick up

Who needs electricity?...or heat?....or hot water?

Our command center

Daddy built fires to keep us warm

And I went to hunt for gasoline

Love my mommy and baby sister

Halloween got postponed...again.

So can I take this off?

No really, can I?

After a big storm you need to clean up the place

Finished off  Fall with a haircut and some hiking at the Great Swamp

You really want me in charge of the map?


Friday, December 28, 2012


Pulling fruit off new favorite activity
Peaches in the summer

Gotta get up close and personal

I like to throw in some corn for good measure

Then in the Fall we go in for the good stuff

This one's stuck

I think this pumpkin's mocking me

Finishing the day with a cider doughnut..yum


My Summer Vacation

Mommy and Daddy apologize for taking so long to update the blog....they've been busy keeping up with me

This summer I....

Visited the Zoo!


 Me and Kayden goofing around

Got into my first fight
(The TV stand won but I'm ready for a rematch)

Went to the Beach!


Daddy coaxed me in

The surf was hardcore!

Then Daddy took me to Point Pleasant....Jersey's finest!

Then a trip to Ithaca..
 My parents showed me their old stomping grounds and I had my first DP Dough

Cool fountains!

Lots of room to run around at Treman State Park


Had Fun at Sturbridge 2012..

Gramma Jan took me down to the Lake


Caught my first fish with Uncle must have been 10 lbs

Everyone knows the real action happens out in the water

Daddy shared his tube with me

I made new friends


Getting my sea legs

James taught me the art of chillin'


Move over Bieber, there's a new sensation

 Also, this summer....


I went swimming

And learned to drive

And jumped around

and rocked out!

and went hiking

Goodbye summer, I miss you!