Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recent Photo Shoots

Sibling Kisses

The "New Toy"- A Big Hit!
Baby In A Basket

Daddy's Hands

2 Weeks Old!!!

Since I've Been Home...

I Wasn't A Fan Of My First Bath

Me, Grandpa David & Grandma
Me & Grandma Rose

Story Time!
Size Is Relative...
Where Did My Brother Go?
Happy 1 Week Birthday!
Hellllooo Beautiful!
Mommy & Her Little Man
Thanks For The Animals Grandpa David

Metoxen Love

Introducing our new addition!!!

Hello World!

First Family Shot
Gotta Love the Little Feet
Me and Gramma
My First Photo Shoot

Me and Daddy
Me and My Parents

So You Are My Saba?
Me and Aunt Keri
Me and Grandma
Are Masks Mandatory?
The Moment of Truth: Meeting My Big Brother
Smashing Success!

Mommy and Her Kids

Kisses From My Brother

Me and Aunt Jess
Me and Papa