Friday, August 26, 2011

More Video Encounters

I Love To Laugh

You Crack Me Up

I'm So Ticklish

Playdate With Michael

Michael & I Had So Much Fun Together!

We Both Wore Matching Hats

We Took Naps Side-By-Side
(That's Me On The Right, In The Bouncy Seat)

We Swam In The Baby Pool

I Really Enjoyed Jumping In The Pool

Here I Am Mugging For Someone Else's Camera

Earlier In The Day....

We Played On A Blanket

We Took Mommy & Son Photos

Here Mom's Holding Me Like A Toy Soldier...

That's Much Better!

Here I Am Teaching Michael How
To Eat His ENTIRE Fist

My Family Portrait (Later That Night)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My New Skills

This Is What Laundry Baskets
Should REALLY Be Used For!

This Is Me Before I Got My Shots....
I Smiled Almost As Much Afterwards

Getting Better At Sitting By Myself

No Help At All...For The First 10 Seconds!

I'm Practicing For My Bar Mitzvah Already

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My First Sturbridge

Jackie Is One Of My Biggest Fans


Hanging With Papa In The Cabin

Feelin' The Love From Freddie

Checking Out The View With Aunt Keri


I Love It When He Makes Me Laugh


My First Few Steps On The Dock


Me & Daddy Match...
Identical Bear Claws


My Favorite Place To Hang Out
Was In The Hammock

My First Time In The Lake With Gramma


Starting To Kick My Feet A Little


Swimming With Daddy

Mommy Introduced Me To Jonah


Me And Mommy Hangin' In The Cabin


Cousin Krysta And Me Spend
Some Quality Time Together


Hanging With The Family- That's Nana,
Daddy, Me, Krysta, And Gramma