Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clowning Around & Saba's Birthday

Mommy Says That Tummy Time Is Still Important

 Getting The Feel Of My Highchair

I Am Too Cute Too Handle...
My First Day Of School

Toes Are So Tasty

This Robe Really Grew On Me...

I Think That I Look Fantastic In It!

It's Time For Saba's Birthday!!!

My Family

Me And Mommy

Me And Aunt Keri

They Call Me The Ladies Man...Can You Blame Them?

Jump Around!

Hanging Out!

Massaging Daddy

Jumping Around

HJD Get Together & The Great Flood

Hanging Out With Binita

Melissa's Teasing Me....

And So Is Daddy

I Enjoyed My First Experience In A Bar

I Needed To Take A Quick Nap Before Dinner

But, Then I Was Ready To Roll Again!!!

And Then, There Was The Great Flood In Our Basement Because Of The Hurricane
(Which Followed The Earthquake- What A Week)

Look At The Damage To My Basement...

And Driveway...

And "Man Cave" (That's Daddy's Space)

Here I Am Surveying Part Of The Damage

I Don't Understand Why Everyone
Looked Stressed Out!

I Did A Great Job Of Managing The Cleanup

Here Is Me Rolling Around On My Bed At Saba And Grandma's...We Stayed There For 1 Week