Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving and Nana's Birthday

 My First Thanksgiving in Massachusetts..

I played with Nana.

And got to sit at the table with everyone.

Papa compared my weight to the turkey.

After dinner I relaxed by the fire..

And Gramma Jan read to me.

The next day we went for a hike.

I don't find bird-watching as exciting as Papa does.

And that night we all went out for Nana's Birthday!

A spoon and a straw...looks like I have everything I need..

Now let me see the menu.

I glammered our waitress..

And made the rounds.

Happy Birthday Nana!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mommy's Birthday!

Today is a Very Special Day!

It's my Mommy's Birthday!

So I built her this birthday Mommy-shrine!

Ever since I was little Mommy has protected me..

And taken me on adventures....

And made me feel special.

Happy Birthday Mommy, I Love you!

Hope you gets lots of cake and presents today!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visit to Wayne & More

Grandpa David Said That He Could
Smuggle Me In His Suitcase to Florida

I Was Fixated...He Had Less Hair Than I Did...

But He Was Such A Looker!

And He Gave Me A New Toy

Here We Are Goofing Around...
He Likes To Wrestle And So Do I!
I Clearly Beat Aunt Keri...

This Video Was Shot Later On When Mommy
& Daddy Raked Leaves (I Clearly Helped!)

My First Vacation (Cruisin')

My first vacation: a flight to Florida and then a cruise to the Bahamas with Mommy, Daddy, Saba, Grandma Gloria and Aunt Keri!

5 AM at the airport. I'm the only one smiling.

I made friends on the plane.

And was exhausted by the time we got to the buffet..

I liked the view from the boat.

Our cabin was "cozy"


Still don't like cottage cheese, no matter how great the view is.

Finally got off and explored Nassau.....Saba was our guide.

He was right 99% of the time.

So much to see...cigars..

And local artists...

And giant frogs....

Here we all are..

Daddy wouldn't let me fire the cannon.

Saba showin' me the love.

Dinner in Nassua. I was the life of the party as usual.

Nap time with Grandma.

I loved hunting for hermit crabs.

Daddy thought I was tired. Wrong again!

I loved the waves...

...and hanging out with Aunt Keri.

No vacation is complete without a trip to the Waffle House.

Thanks Florida!  I had fun!!

My Trips to Philly

Daddy and I drove down for Great-Aunt Yvonne's 80th Bday...

Leslie makes me laugh!

Always the center of attention...

All dressed up and ready to party!

Jackie and I danced.

Happy Birthday Yvonne!

Then we got home and found a storm had knocked out our power and brought snow

So Daddy built a fire... 

And we camped out.

Back in Philly for David's Bar Mitzvah...That's me and Papa.

The kitchen is where all the action is..

Especially on the floor!

There's someone down here with me..

It's Joey Gomez!

Papa likes to get on the floor too.

Hangin with the Boys, David and Sunny...
Congrats David!