Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun With Michael

It Just Looks Like We're Racing

I'm Glad That Daddy Came On My Playdate

Here I Am Trying To Climb Out Of A Swing

Just The Guys And Our Dads

Daddy, Me, Michael, And Corrie

Look! I Can Sit By Myself!

The Ladies Entertaining Us (Part I)

The Ladies Entertaining Us (Part II)

Other Things I've Been Up To...

Dad Cracking Me Up As Always

This Cool Preying Mantis Climbed
My Stroller On A Recent Walk

My Playdate With My Playgroup

Me & Marisa Played In
The Activity Gym Together

Look At All Of Those Toys!

Thanks For Sharing Your Space With Me

Here's Me And The Rest Of The Boys
(Kayden, Dylan & Me)