Sunday, July 29, 2012


Headed to the West Coast to visit Aunt Jess and Bryan.  It was amazing!

The jetlag and margaritas put me right to sleep

I had fun in the hotel room

Then Daddy and I woke up early and welcomed the cleaning staff

Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee

Hanging poolside with Aunt Jess..

..And checking out Santa Monica

Then our roadtrip began (my first)

Stopped at a mission in Santa Barbara

And had some excellent guacamole and watermelon drink

Then it was time to hike through the botanical gardens

In Solvang we ate pastries and enjoyed the tourist scene

Leaving my mark

Mastering the iphone

Another day, another coffee cup

Exploring Morro Bay

The wind in my hair

Hiking with Daddy

We did some window shopping in San Luis Obispo...

...And explored Bubble-gum Alley (smells good)

Elephant seal-watching (it was windy)

Checking out the Big Sur coastline

I did not want my picture taken

Daddy and I hiked through the redwoods

A few tomato slices and I was back in the game

Next, in Monterey we visited Fishermans Wharf


And went to the Aquarium

I got to touch lots of things and get wet

Bryan chased me in the tunnels

And I saw lots of fish bigger than me!

I loved Monterey.  Can you find me in these Steinbeck murals?

In Carmel I admired the Pacific

Drove North to Wine Country, we had lots of fun here!

Weird stuff everywhere!

Joined some great tours

Waiting around while the adults take their time..

Aunt Jess and I had fun playing

While the adults partied, I helped clean up

Mommy took us to the hot springs in Napa

It was rejuvenating!

More wineries.....

Double grape juice, please, straight up

Cheese and crackers, the highlight of my day

Lots of grapes

After a day of tasting it's important to have a big meal.  Is the halibut fresh?

Flirting with the waitstaff (as usual)

I loved wine country!  Thanks for showing us a good time Leslie, we'll be back!

Finally, in San Francisco we drove down crazy streets

and rode a carousel....

and sampled good food...

and checked out the scene...

and still woke up early...

and napped...

and navigated hills (don't let go, Daddy).....

and had FUN!

All this travelling wears a man out.
 Thanks California! I'll be back!