Tuesday, January 28, 2014

High Holidays 2013

That time of year again...

I'm ready to eat!

Grandpa David keeps me busy


Camera timer take#16

My parents are wrapped around my finger


Sturbridge and Beach Summer 2013

Good times at our favorite lake house
You can't have a cook-out without a baby 

 I think she's bluffing

 Getting wet with Josh


Luke's first Colombian hot dog 

 Meet the Mullens

Freddie starts a new tradition 

Aunt Jess lights it up 

The baby's first late night Sturbridge party


After a few Jello shots...


Next day...into the lake



 Put me in Uncle Bryan!



No time to relax around here!

I could get used to these...

Sign me up for the next one

And what's summer without a trip to the beach?

Making new friends

My first dip


Enjoying the ocean breeze

I like it here

Around the house...Summer 2013

Never a dull moment
Learning to read


I've got lots to say!


Getting bigger!

Fun at the dinner table 

Picking (and eating) strawberries

...and ice cream

Quiet moments of reflection....

And lots of outdoor fun
 And lots of surprises