Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My First Trip To The Jersey Shore

Hanging With Mommy Before
My Wardrobe Change

This Is Me In My Swimsuit...

Much Better!

My First Encounter With The Ocean...

Was Anti-Climatic!

My Parents Are Relentless-
Tummy Time At The Beach

Everything Tastes Better At Sandy Hook

Flying With Mommy...

And Sitting On Her Stomach

Daddy Still Cracks Me Up...

All Of The Time!

What Do You Think 
You Are Looking At???

Nothing Better Than Reading At The Beach...

Playing With Daddy...

And Sleeping!

 This Is Fun!!!

I Really Liked The Shore

Here's A Little Video Of Me Enjoying
Myself At The Beach

My First Vacation- Woodstock NY

Playing With Saba And
Grandma At The B&B

I Think That I'm Due For An Upgrade...
A Crib To A King-Sized Bed

A Huge Bear Hug To All Of My Fans

Me Checking Out Miss Piggy At The Farm

Here's A Close-Up Of Miss Piggy

Daddy, Me, And A Goat

Mommy Says That There Isn't Enough Room
On The Blog To Describe What Happened Here

Grandma, Me, And A Different Goat

There Were A Lot Of Goats

Me And Aunt Keri Checking
Out The Massive Cows

Look At Those Udders!

Keri And I Getting Up Close And
Personal With A Rooster

They Really Are Quite Fascinating

What's In This Pen???

Mommy And Daddy Say That They
Have Never Seen A Turkey With Casts On Its Feet

He Was Something Special!

A Goofy Picture Of Me At The Table

Aren't I Charming?

I Really Enjoyed The Mirror
That Grandma Had

What Can I Say-
I LOVE To Look At Myself!

Me And Daddy Checking
Out Some Live Music

Catching Some Zzzs At Dinner

It Was A Long Day

Who Needs To Hold Me
When I Can Sit Propped With Pillows

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Time Poolside

Diane, Me, Mommy And
The Birthday Girl, Corrie

Diane, Me And Mommy Chilling Out

Why Are My Pants So High???

Some People Say That Me and
Michael Look Alike

My First Visit To NYC

We Started Our Day At HJD

Before The Fun Began

First Stop, Outpatient PT/OT

Glad To Meet You Jenny

Then It Was Off To Lunch With
Mommy's Friends From Inpatient PT/OT/SLP

Rupangi, Me, Veronica, Maytal
And York (Who Thinks That
He Escaped The Photo Op) 

Steph, Liz, Ali, Rupangi, Sleepy Me and Veronica

Rupangi, Me, Veronica, York,
Mommy, Melissa, Steph, Liz and Ali

More Of My Fans!
Amy, Angela, Amanda, Liat And Abby

Here I Am With Steph,
Distracted By Some Lights

And Mommy Says That I Make Some
Funny Faces! Check Out Melissa's Look!

Cuddling With Liz

Then It Was Off To Visit Daddy's HSS Co-Workers

Cara, I'm Not Sure About These Folks

Adam, Me And Kwame

Thanks To Everyone Who Made My
First NYC Visit Special. I Had A
Great Time And Slept The Whole Ride Home!